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Career Cruising Utility Page

Use this page to process the files required to use Career Cruising with eSchoolPlus.

To integrate data with Career Cruising, your district downloads eSchoolPlus building, course, student, and student mark reporting data to import into Career Cruising. Students use Career Cruising options to review course information and enter course requests. Then Career Cruising request data is uploaded to create eSchoolPlus student requests for scheduling. For detailed information about the Career Cruising integration files, refer to Career Cruising Integration Data Files.

The page includes two modes:


Creates the download files required for interfacing building, course catalog, student, and student course information with Career Cruising. This download processes all buildings and active courses in your district, including courses from the District Course Catalog, where the building is -1.

Refer to Career Cruising Page: Download Mode.


Uploads course request data from Career Cruising to create eSchoolPlus's course requests. This option inserts records into the course request (schd_stu_req) and course request marking period (schd_stu_req_mp) tables; it does not update existing request records.

Refer to Career Cruising Utility Page: Upload Mode.

Download data for Career Cruising Integration

Upload student requests for Career Cruising Integration

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