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Auto-Generate Intervention Progress Dates

Use the Auto-Generate Progress window to generate date records for entering progress marks and comments for the interventions set up for a student's success plan.

The Auto Generate Progress window enables you to enter a date range for the progress entries for the plan's interventions. When you click OK to close the window, the system generates the progress dates based on the interventions' Progress Frequency, either Everyday, Selected Dates, or Weekly.

For example, if an intervention's Progress Frequency is set for Weekly and its Frequency Weekday is F - Friday, date records will be generated for each Friday from the Start Date to the End Date.

Dates cannot be generated if the Progress Frequency is set to As Needed.

Auto generate intervention progress dates

  1. Select Interventions > All > Student > Student Success Plans to display the Student Success Plans page.
  2. If the Student Search Page displays, search for the appropriate student, then click the student's name link.
  3. On the Student Success Plans page, indicate in the Selections panel's View field whether to display incomplete plans only or the student's entire plan history, then select the Data checkboxes of the panels to display.
  4. On the appropriate panel, click the plan's link to display the Success Plan Detail page.
  5. On the detail page's Interventions panel, click
     (Additional options), then select Auto-Generate Progress.
  6. In the Auto-Generate Progress window, enter Start and End Dates.
  7. Click OK to close the window and generate the date records. The records display in the Progress section of each intervention affected.
  8. Click Save.


Generate Progress Date Range Section



Start Date

The date indicating the start of the range for generating dates.

End Date

The date indicating the end of the range for generating dates.

Affected Interventions Section

This section displays the interventions affected.




Code and description identifying the intervention.

Progress Frequency

The frequency of progress reporting for the intervention. An intervention can be assigned one of the following frequencies:

A - As Needed - indicates that progress will not be entered at a scheduled frequency. Interventions that have this setting will not display in the Auto-Generate Progress window.
E - Each Day - indicates that progress will be entered daily.
S - Selected Dates - indicates that progress will be entered on selected dates.
W - Weekly - indicates that progress will be entered once a week on a designated weekday.

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