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Attendance Bulletin Page

On this page:

Use this page for a report listing students who have attendance entered for a selected date. The purpose of the report, which also is available in Teacher Access Center (TAC), is to provide teachers with a list of student attendance early in the day.

The report initially displays for the current day, though the date can be changed to view attendance for a previous day. The data listed for selected students includes the attendance code, source, period, arrival/dismissal times, and comments. The course's code and description only display if the building takes attendance based on the timeslot or period and uses a timetable to validate times, as determined by the Attendance Building Configuration.

Run Attendance Bulletin

  1. Select Attendance > All > Office > Attendance Bulletin.
  2. Complete the fields on the Selections panel.
  3. Click Load.

Edit a student's attendance

  1. Follow the above procedure to generate the Attendance Bulletin.
  2. In the Edit column, click
    (View detail) for a student to display the Attendance Detail page.
  3. Change the student's attendance as needed.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Back to return to the Attendance Bulletin page.


Selections Panel



Attendance Date

Select the date to include in the report.


Select All or select the building of the students to include in the report.

  • If you select All and do not use the Student Name by Student sort order, the page will display a separate section of students for each building.
  • If you select Student Name by Student sort order, then a Building column displays, and student absences for all buildings are sorted together.


Determines the sort order for listing students who have attendance recorded for the Attendance Date selected. For additional information on sorting, refer to the Building field.


Grade - to sort students by name, then by grade.
Grade and Team - to sort students by name, grade, and then team.
Period - to sort students by name, then by period.
Student Name by Building - to sort students by course building, then by name.
Student Name by Student - to sort students by name. This allows you to see all students sorted together even if they take courses in other buildings.
Team - to sort students by house/team, then by name.

Students to Show

Determines the students whose attendance displays. The listing of students also depends on the selection in the Show Attendance Entered For field.

This field is only available if you have a TAC login.


All Students - to display all students.
My Students - to display all of your students.
My Students In Period - to display your students who meet in any classes in the scheduling period selected in the adjacent field. This option cannot be accessed for buildings that do not support period scheduling.

Show Attendance Entered For

Determines the students whose attendance displays.
If you have a TAC login, the students listed also depend on your selection in the Students to Show field.


All Classes - to display attendance from all classes.
My Classes - to display attendance for my classes. This option is only available if you have a TAC login.
Period - to limit the attendance displayed to the period selected in the adjacent field.

Bulletin Panel



Student ID

Student's identification number.


Student's name. Clicking the name link displays the Student Summary in a pop-up window.

Gd (Grade)

Student's grade.


Student's house/team.

Hrm (Homeroom)

Student's homeroom number.


Student's classroom number.


Number identifying the course-section.


Description of the course-section.

Pd (Period)

The attendance period in which attendance was taken.


The attendance code that was entered for the student.


Click the

(View detail) to display the Student Attendance Detail page, where you can edit the student's attendance. Users must have the appropriate security to edit attendance records.

For more information, refer to Student Attendance Detail Page.


The dismissal time.


The arrival time.


Indicates whether attendance was entered as Office or Teacher.


Text describing the student's attendance entry.

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