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Assign Tags to Courses Page

Use this page to define course tags for a graduation requirement subject area that needs to be divided into smaller categories. A course tag groups selected courses together so you can then create rules explaining how students should take courses to complete the subject area's credit requirements. If a student does not meet the rules you establish here, an alert warning will be created for the student's career plan or graduation requirement subject area when you run the Graduation Requirement Calculation. For an explanation of how tag rules can be used, refer to Overview of Subject Area Tag Rules.

If the buildings in your district are not configured for Career Planner, then the tag rule feature does not apply; the Graduation Requirements calculation will not create alerts. Do not set up tag rules for your graduation requirement groups.

View subject area tag rules

Add subject area tag rules

Add a new tag and assign to courses

Assign courses to tag

Remove tag for courses

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Prompts Panel



Subject Area

Subject area associated with this course tag record. For example, you might have a Foreign Language subject area with course tags defined for each language offered in your district.


Label identifying the course tag. Character/10

Use a coding convention that will be meaningful to you when you establish credit rules for the subject area and associate tags with courses in the Course Catalog and Master Schedule. To learn more about course tags and how they are used to create subject area credit rules, refer to the Overview of Subject Area Tag Rules topic.

Courses Panel

This section lists the courses associated with the course tag. You can assign courses to a tag on this page or in the Course Catalog. To retrieve additional courses, enter criteria in the Filter section and click Load.

If you use the District Course Catalog feature, this section processes your Filter criteria to list district courses and building-level courses that either do not exist in the district catalog or that have district overrides set.




Checked if the course is associated with this subject area course tag. If a course has this box checked, the system creates a course tag record for it when you save. Also, the checked setting ensures included courses are retained when you process criteria from the Filter section.

Uncheck this box for a course that you do not want to include in the course tag. The course is removed from the list when you save or process criteria in the Filter section.

Use the Include checkbox column heading to either select or clear this setting for all listed courses.


Building where the course is offered, based on the Course Catalog.

Course tags can be applied to courses across all buildings in your district. This way, you can track a student's progress in a Career Plan or graduation requirement group even if that student moves between multiple buildings.

If District Course displays in the building field, then you are associating the course tag with a district course. If you select the Include checkbox, the system assigns the course tag in the District Course Catalog, and it updates the course record in the appropriate Building Course Catalogs, except where an override is set for a course.


Course code from the Course Catalog.


Description of the course.


Academic department offering the course.


Number of credits awarded for successfully completing the course, based on the Course Catalog record.

Other Tags

Other course tags associated with the course for this subject area, if any.

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