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Add Student Success Plans

Use the Add New Plan window to create a success plan for a student. After you assign reasons to the plan, you can access the Success Plan Detail page for setting up interventions, student goals, and parent goals.

This window is only available if at risk reasons have been calculated for the student.

Add student success plans

  1. Select Interventions > All > Student > Student Success Plans, then click the student's name link to display the Student Success Plans page.
  2. If the Student Search Page displays, search for the appropriate student, then click the student's name link.
  3. On the Student Success Plans page, click Add at the top right.
  4. In the Add New Plan window, complete the Plan Date, Plan Type, and Plan Title fields. For field descriptions, refer below.
  5. To assign reasons to the plan, select the Select checkbox for each reason you want to add.
  6. If the Use Template checkbox displays for a reason, select the checkbox to apply the template's defaults to the plan.
  7. Click OK to close the window and display the Success Plan Detail page.
  8. On the Success Plan Detail page's View Options panel, select the checkboxes for the panels to display: Reasons, Interventions, Student Goals, and Parent Goals. To hide a panel, clear the appropriate checkbox.
  9. To add Reasons, Interventions, Student Goals, or Parent Goals, click Add on the appropriate panel. To add reasons to the Reasons panel, you may need to click Save to save your previous entries.
    For the steps on entering information for a panel, refer to the following procedures in Managing Student Success Plans:
    • Add unassigned reasons to success plans
    • Add interventions to success plans
    • Add student and parent goals to success plans
  10. Click Save.




Plan Date

Date assigned to the student's success plan.

Plan Type

Code and description of the plan type assigned to the student's success plan.

Plan Title

Title identifying the success plan. Character/255

Reasons Section (untitled)




Checked if the reason should be added to the success plan.

Use Template

Checked if the default settings from the template associated with the reason should be applied to the student's success plan.

The default settings can include core interventions, student goals and objectives, and parent goals and objectives that should be added when a success plan is created. You can modify these defaults as needed to personalize the plan to the student's specific needs.

The checkbox only displays if the reason has a template set up for it. For more information, refer to Reason Template Page.


Code and description identifying the reason the student qualified for, as determined by a calculation in either Attendance, Behavior, Progress Reports, Report Cards, or Testing.


Indicates the at risk qualification criteria the student has met, as determined by a calculation in either Attendance, Behavior, Progress Reports, Report Cards, or Testing.

Start DateIndicates the date or duration (for example, the Marking Period or Semester) for the start of the reason.
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