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Add Courses

Use the Schedule Entry option to add courses to a student's schedule. The following procedure provides the steps for adding courses by accessing the Student Course page from the entry page.


If you need to re-enroll a student in a course that was dropped, refer to Re-Add a Course That Was Dropped.

Add courses

  1. Select Scheduling from the main menu, select Student Schedules submenu, select Student, and then select Schedule Entry.
  2. If the Student Search Page displays, search for the appropriate student, then click the student's name link.
  3. Click Add on the Schedule List panel.
  4. On the Student Course page's Course Information panel, select a building, then use the Course fields to select a course.
    For additional information on this page, refer to Student Course Page.
  5. Complete the Course Status field.
  6. On the Date Range Detail panel, change the Date Added field if needed, then complete the Marks and First MP fields.
    Set the First MP value to the appropriate marking period.
    • If the student is enrolling in a course after the course has started, adjust the First MP value to the first marking period when the student will receive a grade.
    • If the student will receive a grade in the first marking period defined to issue a mark in the Master Schedule, the First MP field automatically displays the corresponding marking period value.
    • If you are trailing marks from another course to this course, make sure the First MP value is set to the next marking period after the Last MP of the course you are trailing marks from.
  7. If you are trailing marks from a dropped course, use the Trail From field to select the building and course-section being trailed from.
    You can only trail marks to another course if both courses have the same marking patterns and meet for the same marking periods. Also, the student must have marks entered for the original course.
  8. Click Save, then click Back to return to the Schedule Entry page.
  9. Review the revised schedule to determine whether to replace the student's current schedule.
  10. When you change a schedule, eSchoolPlus creates a modeled schedule. An alert displays at the top of the Schedule Entry Grid section with Keep and Discard options.
    • To keep the modeled schedule and replace the student's current schedule, click Keep.
    • To return to the student's current schedule and discard your changes, click Discard.
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