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About Contacts

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A student can have multiple contacts - guardian, emergency, and possibly others, such as a caseworker or private counselor. For each contact, you can store addresses, phone numbers, and other information. Address information for all contact types is stored in one table (reg_contact). Student mailing and physical address information is also stored in the same table, and identified by a specific contact type.

In Home Access Center, guardian contacts living with students can update telephone numbers and email addresses for themselves and students. Guardians who do not live with students can only update their own numbers and addresses.

Types of Contacts

The Contact Type refers to the relationship between the student and the contact/address.
There are five available Contact Types:

Student Physical Address (P)

Indicates the student's physical address for transportation to/from school.

Student Mailing Address (M)

Indicates where the student receives mail.

Guardian (G)

Indicates a student's legal guardian.

Emergency Contact (C)

Indicates a person who should be contacted in an emergency situation.

Other Contact (O)

Indicates a person who is a non-emergency contact for the student.

Contact Or Student Relationships

One address/information record is stored for each contact. A separate record for each Contact Type relationship between a student and a contact is stored in the Student Contact (reg_stu_contact) table. These records tie together a student, a contact (as identified by a contact ID), and the Contact Type. Multiple students can be linked to the same guardian or other contact, and each student can have a different relationship with that contact. For example, John Smith could be a guardian for two students and an emergency contact for another. In some cases, a student may be a contact for another student - for example, if a high school student has a child who is attending a pre-school program in the district.

Adding and Viewing Information

Address and contact information is added on the following pages:

  • Student Addresses - is used to enter student mailing and physical addresses. The contact type is automatically set and does not display on the page.
  • Contact - is used to set up guardians, emergency contacts, and other contacts.

Guardians and emergency contacts also display on the Emergency page.

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