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PDE-4062 Page Prompts

Building ListChoose All to run the report for all buildings in your district or choose Selected to define a comma separated list of buildings you wish to include. 
PeriodSelect the PIMS submission period for the Student Calendar data you want to use as the basis for the report. Make sure the Student Calendar data exists in the download table for the submission period and school year. Refer to the procedure Search for student download records for information on the Student Downloads Search.
Detail Report First Sort FieldSelect (local) Calendar (default) or District of Residence. Detail report will be grouped by the value selected.
Detail Report Second Sort FieldSelect Building (default), Grade, or Residency Code. Detail report will be additionally grouped by value selected.

Detail Report Third Sort Field

Select Grade (default) or None. Detail reports will be additionally grouped by value selected.

Page Break on First SortChecked if you wish to create a page break following each Calendar or District of Residence grouping.
Page Break on Second SortChecked if you wish to create a page break following each Building, Grade, or Residency Code grouping.
FilterFilter to limit results included in the report.

The system will create three files on My Tasks/Reports when you run this report:


Display Name

File Name

4062 Log

PA PDE 4062 Log


Summary Output

PA 4062 Summary


Detail Output

PA 4062 Detail


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