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PDE-4062 Auditor Report

Regulatory > Pennsylvania > Reports > PDE-4062 Report

You can use this report to verify the information sent in the PIMS Student Calendar template.

The report is presented in 2 formats:

  • The Detail Report lists student attendance & membership information broken down according to the user-selected sorting options.
  • The Summary Report provides aggregate data for students broken down by Building & Local Calendar. It also breaks down data by specific Days in Session values.

Both reports display days enrolled and days attended values that have been adjusted for any partial membership that was recorded as "enrolled percent" in the Student Calendar download.

PDE-4062 Prerequisites

  1. Make sure that you have State Absence Groups set up and that your Attendance Codes are associated with the correct State Group.
  2. Prior to running the PDE-4062 report, you may run the Attendance Day Totals Calculation to ensure that all data is accurate.  The values in the 4062 report are pulled from data currently stored in the Student Calendar Download Table. If nothing has changed since you last ran this download, there is no need to re-run it.
  3. To run the calculation, go to Attendance > All > Utilities > Day Totals Calculation. We recommend that you calculate Day Totals before running the report for faster processing.
  4. Run the Student Calendar download using Regulatory > Pennsylvania > Extracts > PIMS Download.  The attendance data in PDE-4062 comes directly from the Student Calendar download table.
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