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PA State Information

In order to report Staff Date Tracking, you must set up the push-in/pull-out minutes format. This will determine the method by which push-in/pull-out minutes are entered and calculated on the Master Schedule. Refer to the section on Adding Secondary Staff As A Push-In/Pull Out Teacher for more information on entering push-in/pull-out minutes and student linking.

Menu path: Select Administration from the main menu, select Registration Setup submenu, select Building District Defined, and then select PA State Information.

Pull Out Minutes Format

Select one of the following options to determine how push-in/pull-out staff have minutes calculated for the Staff Student Subtest template:

C – By cycle

Enter minutes in a single cycle that student gets instruction from Secondary Staff.

For this calculation, a cycle is determined by first finding the Cycle Day associated with the first membership attendance day in the appropriate Calendar (either student Registration Building's Default Calendar or student's Entry/Withdrawal calendar if different than default).  A cycle is then the span of membership attendance days from the first occurrence of that Cycle Day to the next one. If a student-teacher association begins in the middle of a cycle, the download considers the first cycle to be the span from the Relationship Start Date to the next occurrence of the cycle start identified in the calendar.

W – By week

Enter minutes in a calendar week that student gets instruction from Secondary Staff.

Community Eligibility School

Select to identify this building as participating in the Community Eligibility Provision reimbursement option. The provision funds an eligible school to offer free meals to all students due to high poverty conditions. PIMS Download reports students enrolled in the building for Student Snapshot as follows:

  • Economic Disadvantaged Status Code (Field 88) = Y
  • Food Program Eligibility (Field 131) = N
Title I BuildingSelect if the building is designated a Title I building. This option will report all students in the building as Title I students without requiring an active Title Part A program.
Passing Mark Type Override

Enter the passing mark type override that will be used to determine which mark to check when determining if the student passed the keystone course. If there is no override set, the mark will be used from the Yearly Marks on the Building Mark Types Setup page.

Select to allow districts to identify a building as being a virtual academy and adjust downloads to reference brick and mortar (non virtual) buildings instead of the virtual ones.
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