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Additional Staff Student Subtest Template Setups

This step explains current scheduling setups and PVAAS setups in relation to Field 11 (Instructional Relationship Weight).

Existing Scheduling Setups and Staff Student Subtest Template

Master Schedule fields:  

  • Periods: Used to find Timetable times for the course-section
  • Marking Periods: Used to find the course-section's start/end dates in Marking Periods setup
  • Cycles: Used to find membership info in Calendars setup and the day/period in the Timetable
  • Primary/Secondary Staff date tracking

Timetable > Period Length: The Period Length is used to determine how many minutes the course meets.

NOTE: If the period doesn't have any courses being reported, then the Period Length doesn't matter. To override the total number of minutes a course meets or to set up a total number of minutes if your time tables are inaccurate, there is a Course Minutes Override field available on the PIMS Course page (Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > PIMS Course). For the Course Minutes Override field, enter the total number of minutes the course would meet from the first day of the course though the day prior to the course assessment date.

Student Schedule Add/Drop Dates, Calendars setup membership dates, and Marking Periods setup MP Start/End dates:  PIMS Download looks at all these pieces when determining how many days the student is scheduled in the course.  It checks when the student was scheduled into the course, which Marking Period dates the course meets, and whether the days are membership days. For Marking Periods, make sure the state code equivs have been entered on the Marking Period Setup page (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Marking Periods).

Course Catalog > State Course:  The course needs to have a state course number.

Confirm that Staff ID = 0 is set up in Staff Information with Active = Y and Staff Availability for Regular Year = Y in each building with a Master Schedule. This is necessary because when users add a Master Schedule section, the Primary Staff initially saves as Staff ID = 0, and then users may change it.

PVAAS Participation Indicator

Scheduling > Courses > Resources > Staff > District-Defined panel > PVAAS Participation

While not directly used by the Staff Student Course template, the PVAAS Participation Indicator is useful as filter when generating PVAAS related submissions.

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