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Staff Student Subtest Template Setup

The following sections describe the setups for running the Staff Student Course template. 

Calculated Staff Student Subtest Fields

The Staff Student Subtest template calculates instructional time for core courses ending in a Keystone Exam or PSSA, i.e. -  courses Algebra I, Literature, and Biology.  Districts can find out from PDE which courses they need to report for PVAAS.  If a student is in multiple courses ending in the same state assessment type, those instructional times will be combined for each unique staff/student combination in a single record in the template. Please note, while this document mentions time in a course and course/section when referring to staff student relationships, the actual key to the staff student relationships is the state assessment in which the course ends. The goal is to populate Staff Student Subtest template fields 10 and 11. 


PDE's Definition

eSchoolPlus Location


Instructional Responsibility Weight

  • Valid values = 0 – 100
  • The percent of instruction for which the teacher is responsible

Master Schedule > Primary/Secondary Staff > Inst Resp Weight

Primary Staff should always have Instructional Responsibility Weight =  100

The PIMS Download will subtract Secondary Staff values from the Primary value

i.e. – If the master schedule has Primary = 100% and Secondary = 25%, the download will calculate Primary = 75% and Secondary = 25%


Instructional Relationship Weight

  • Valid values = 0 – 100
  • The percent of course days the student & teacher are enrolled together, up to and including the last school day before the Keystone/PSSA test date.


The PIMS Download calculates this value.

 Districts may override the calculated value in the Master Schedule > Primary/Secondary Staff > Inst Rel Wght Override (The value entered here will apply to all students for that teacher and section):

i.e. - If a student and secondary teacher are enrolled together for 35 days in a 140-day course, then the value is 25  (35 / 140 = 25%).


Field 11 = (total # of days the student-teacher are scheduled together) / (total # of days for the course)

If the course only has a primary staff, this field is easier to calculate.   You can use the Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Calendar > Month View > Additional options > Print Report to help figure out membership days. Look at the student's schedule dates and master schedule staff dates to figure out how many days the student-teacher are scheduled together for the course-section. Look at the course's Marking Periods in the master schedule and then the Marking Periods setup to figure out the total days for the course (up to the day before the Keystone/PSSA test date).

If the course has secondary staff with pull-out students, it gets more complicated. Below is an example of how field 11 calculates the number of days for a pull-out student who spends time with a Secondary Staff.  For simplicity's sake, the example course meets 10 total days, from 9/1-9/10, and all 10 days are membership days:

Dates are processed in this order:






Field 11

1 - COURSE (mp) dates = 9/1-9/10

10 days total for Course





10/10 days = 100%

2 – SECONDARY STAFF dates = 9/4-9/10


7 days for Secondary Staff




7/10 days = 70%

3 - STUDENT schedule dates = 9/6-9/10



5 days for Student



5/10 days = 50%

4 - IF STUDENT LINKING dates = 9/8-9/10




3 days for Student


3/10 days = 30%

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