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OR IUID Utility

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Important: Before you use this utility, make sure your Master Schedule course-sections have OR OPTE Information district-defined course records. The utility can only load the IUID for a course-section if the district-defined course record exists since it includes the IUID field. If you need help with this setup for a group of course-sections, refer to the Mass Updating OR OPTE Information section.

Use this utility to load IUIDs (Instructional Unit Identifiers) received from the Oregon Department of Education back into the appropriate Master Schedule district-defined page records. Based on finding matching Section Keys between the IUID.txt file and the Master Schedule, the utility updates the IUID field on the OR OPTE Information district-defined page at the Course Section level.

  • For the utility to correctly compare Section Key information and load the IUID, the file from the state should have the same layout as the IUID file extract from eSchoolPlus.
  • Use this utility as a prerequisite to create the Class Roster collection extract since the collection requires courses have IUIDs.

To run the IUID Utility:

  1. In the Prompts panel's File field, click Choose FIle.
  2. Locate the file IUID.txt in the dialog that opens.
  3. When you find the file, click Open to populate the File field with the directory path and file name.
  4. Click the Run icon at the top right of the page to update the appropriate Master Schedule district-defined pages with IUIDs.
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