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EMIS Submission Files

This option will create the edit file that you will submit. After you create the edit files, you can transfer the files to your PC. This is used for both Student/Course and Assessment files.

Refer to the submission checklist for the appropriate submission for a list of the options that should be run before creating the submission files.

When you create submission files, the building and district records which are required for a submission will also be created.

To run EMIS Submission Files

  1. Select Regulatory from the main menu, select EMIS Submissions submenu, select EMIS Downloads, and then select EMIS Submission File.
  2. On the Run EMIS Submission File Extract page, specify how you want to process the option. Refer to the Field Descriptions section for more information.
  3. Select the records to process. If you want to create files for all of the submission's records, click Select All.
  4. Click Run.
  5. Check the log file for errors.

School YearEnter the last year of the school year you want to process.
Download PeriodSelect the submission you want to process. 
Merge Files

Checked to create a single file that includes data for all the record types. If unchecked a separate data file is created for each checked record type. 

Filename is Reporting Period, Fiscal Year, MergeALL. For example, 14K_MergeALL.txt

Files to Create

Series of checkboxes to select the records you want to process. Refer to the EMIS Records by Submission for a list of the records reported for a submission. 

To create files for all of the submission's records, click Select All.

To select individual records to create, click Deselect All and then click the box for the desired records.

Submission File Names

The EMIS Submission Files option creates files using the following conventions:

  • Reporting period indicator (for example, S for Student)
  • Fiscal year (for example, 16 for 2016)
  • Name for the EMIS File from the chart below.

For example, the Student Demographics file created for 2016 would be name S16GI_StuDemo. 




Student Demographics (GI)


Student Race (GJ)


Student Standing (FS)


Student Attribute Date (FD)


Student Acceleration Record (FB)


Student Program (GQ)


Student Special Education (GE)


Student Discipline (GD)


CORE Summary (GC)


Graduation Only (GP)


Vocational Ed Correlated Class (CV)


Mapped Courses (CM)


Tech Prep Mapping (DC)


Student Assessment (FA)


Student Attribute No Date (FN)


Student Course (GN)


Student Gifted (GG)


Student Special Ed Grad Req Rec (FE)


CTE Workforce Dev Comp Follow-up (GV)


Course Master (CN)


Staff Course (CU)


Organization General (DN)


Grade Schedule (DL)


District Testing (DT)


Student Missing Override Record (FC)


Exiting Student Follow-Up (FW)FW_ExitingStudentFollowUp
Student Address Record (FG)FG_StudentAddressRecord

Additional Information

The Glucagon Doses Procured (GLCGNPRCMT) and Doses Administered (GLCGNUSAGE) attributes will be included to the Organization General (DN) download type when processing for the SCR (S) download period and the Final download period window. Data is retrieved from the District Glucagon Information page, when the Date is within the date range for the download. Values greater than 0 will be reported along with the Date.

The Calendar Type (C_CLDRTYPE) attribute will not be reported in the Organization General (DN) record processing as per the ODE requirement.

The Student Transportation Record (FP) download is removed from the EMIS Submission Files and Assessment Downloads pages. The Special Assessments area is also removed from the EMIS Submission Files page.

The Student Attribute Date (FD) download will have an error check if student has Disability Condition code 16, with state grade as PS, and is younger than age 3 or older than age 5 (age 6 or over), as of the Effective End Date of the record or as of the Fiscal Year End Date for the district. The Student Attribute Date (FD) records for the Limited English (EL) field will report as * for all students with a state grade of PS.

The Exiting Student Follow-Up (FW) download should only include students that were enrolled last year but not the current and at least one of the fields (CTE Work Development Follow-Up, Graduate Follow-Up, or Disabilities Follow-Up) selected on the EMIS Exiting Student Follow Up page.

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