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Assessment Downloads

Menu path: Select Regulatory from the main menu, select EMIS Submissions submenu, select EMIS Download, and then select Assessments Downloads.

This download will create the Assessment (Period A) records. Data for the assessments are stored in Test Scores. If you enter a Start Date and End Date, the download will only retrieve the selected assessments where the Test Date is within that date range. If the Start Date and End Date are blank, all records for the selected assessments will be processed.

School Year

The school year you are running the download for. This matches the school year environment.

Note that when you select the Graduate reporting period, the school year changes to the year based on the Grad Period End Date in the EMIS Configuration. This allows you to process the Graduate submission without having to change your environment to the prior year.

Download Period

Select the reporting period to process:

  • Assessment (A)
  • EOY (N)
  • eTranscript (E)
  • Graduate (G)
  • March (D)
  • SRE (X)
Building List

Select the buildings to process.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click Asterisk to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Start Date / End Date

The date range you are running the download for. The values for these fields are entered in the EMIS Configuration. The text next to the field indicates the EMIS Configuration field that is used for the date. If the incorrect dates are displayed, you must update the EMIS Configuration.

EOY, March, eTranscript, and SRE Submissions – Fields are disabled.

Graduate Submission – Use the first day of school through the last day for summer graduates.

Assessments – Enter a specific range or leave fields blank to pull all assessments from the selected school year.

Schedule TypeSelect Regular or Block schedule. Regular is selected by default.
Clear Options

Select the appropriate option:

  • Do not delete any existing records - to insert only new records; it will not overwrite existing records in the download tables.
  • Delete existing records for this year and reporting period, based on the selected filter criteria - to clear the records that match the filter you entered. If you are running a submission for 1 student, it will clear out the previous data for that student and create new records.
  • Delete all existing records for this year and reporting period – to clear all records for the selected assessment types for the submission. This option clears out orphaned records in the download tables. For example, if a student has a record and you make changes to the Entry/Withdrawal data, so the student is no longer selected by the download, the student's existing record is now an orphan record.
Clear Overridden Records

Selected if you want to re-build download data for download records which a user modified and set the Override box to selected. The records will be deleted and then built again by the Student/Course Download.

Cleared if you want to keep the download records where the Override box is selected.

This box is disabled if you selected not to delete any existing records.

Include WarningsSelected if you want to list errors that would be considered warnings. If you run the error scan with this box unchecked, only fatal errors, such as missing data, will be reported. You can only access this field if you selected to Scan Downloaded Data.
Task NameIf you want to rename the task and report file, change the text that displays in this field. If you use the / (slash) character, _ (underscore) will be used in the task and report name.
Assessment Types

Select each assessment that you want to include in the download. Only the selected assessments will be generated. Refer to the EMIS Submission Files for a list of the records reported for a submission.

To create downloads for all of the submission's records, click Select All.

To select individual records to download, click Deselect All and then click the box for the desired records.

The Assessment Types available are as follows:

Special Assessments

Select the special assessments to process.

Select codes from the drop-down list, or click Asterisk to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Additional Information

The End of Course Exams (ASSESSMENT_GE) records will use the first entry record of a student to get their grade, if the student does not have an Entry/Withdrawal record on or before the test date.

The End of Course Exams (ASSESSMENT_GE) records as part of Student Assessment (FA) download for Download Period “A” are created for students without the End of Course records in Test History and have course marks in courses identified for EOC substitution.

The Grades 3-8 Alternate Assessments (ASSESSMENT_GA) records will include 2020 scores when running for fiscal year 2021, as per the COVID-19 reporting consideration give in the ODE requirements.

The Student CTAE Testing (ASSESSMENT_GY) records will include students that do not have a test history by using course marks rather than test scores, if the district has set up all district and course level data required for fiscal year 2021.

The Student CTAE Testing (ASSESSMENT_GY) records will be disabled for the March(D) download period. For the download periods (AN, E, X, A, and G), the Student CTAE Testing (ASSESSMENT_GY) record will be enabled for download.

The Student Transportation Record (ASSESSMENT_FP) will be removed from the EMIS Submission Files and Assessment Downloads pages.

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (ASSESSMENT_SA) records will not report Writing scores in the download.

The Early Learning Preschool Formative Assessment (ASSESSMENT_GB) records will report the score not reported reason code as per the DOE-compliant submission. If a student has a score of Not Yet Evident (NE), a waiver reason of F and a score of *** is reported.

The Ohio English Language Proficiency Assessment (OELPA) (ASSESSMENT_GF) records when run in 2023-2024, will report scores from tests taken between the prompted end date and the Fiscal Year Start Date from the EMIS Configuration page for 2022-2023.

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