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Updating PARCC Pre-ID Test Fields

The following sections provide procedures for using the Master Schedule District-Defined Page Mass Entry option and the Student Course District-Defined Page Mass Update utility. We provide context explaining why you use these options and how they help you prepare student records for the PARCC Pre-ID submission.

PARCC Master Schedule Update

Utilities > Master Schedule District-Defined Page Mass Entry

Use this option if you want to update PARCC Pre-ID test information in a quick-entry format for a selected group of Master Schedule course-sections. The option serves the following purposes:

  • If you need to assign unique sets of test information values to a variety of courses at the Master Schedule level, you can enter and save the information all at once, rather than accessing each individual course-section's ISBE PARCC Course Information district-defined page.
  • The option differs from a Mass Update utility because you can apply different values to the records you select. Each listed course-section can get its own set of values.

To update PARCC Pre-ID test information for course-sections through mass entry:

  1. Select Utilities > Master Schedule District-Defined Page Mass Entry
  2. At the District Defined Screen prompt, select NJ PARCC Course Information.
  3. Define your filter criteria to select the course-sections you want to update. You can search based on an field from the Master Schedule, including district-defined page fields.
  4. Click Search.
  5. In the resulting Course List, review the course-section records retrieved by your initial search.
    • To try new criteria, click Search. Return to Step 3.
    • To eliminate a record from processing, select the Delet box for the appropriate row. If a course-section in the results list lacks a Staff Date Tracking record, it displays with a Staff ID of 0. Make note of any course-section without a staff member assigned. Update the course-section's Staff Date Tracking record when you finish your Master Schedule PARCC mass entry. 
  6. For the listed course-sections, enter the field values you want to assign to the NJ PARCC Course Information page. Each course-section is handled individually, so you may use different values for each record.
    • Existing values display if the course-section already has an NJ PARCC Course Information record.
    • Assessment Session Location has a 50-character limit. Class Name has a 45-character limit.
    • To indicate students in the course-section are excluded from PARCC testing, select the Exclusion Reason to load in the PARCC Pre-ID file in the Test Code field. You should only set an Exclusion Code at the Master Schedule level if it applies to every student in the course-section. Refer to Setting PARCC Pre-ID Test Exclusions for more information.
  7. When you are finished making changes, click Save.
    • The utility excludes any records with the Delete box checked.
    • Your changes are reflected in Scheduling Center > Master Schedule > NJ PARCC Course Information.
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