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MD Student Course Grade Teacher Report

State Center > Maryland > Reports > MD Student Course Grade Teacher Report

This option will produce the MD SCGT Report. The report captures data specific to all the courses the student has taken during the school year, the Final Grades, and the teacher associated with the courses.

MD Student Course Grade Teacher Report Prerequisites

  1. Verify the SCGT Building Setup information is entered.
  2. Verify student data is correct on Registration (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Registration) and Personal (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Personal) pages.
  3. Verify the Marking Periods page (Administration > Registration Setup > Calendars > Marking Periods) has the State Code Equivalents entered. The field should contain a comma-separated list of all codes that apply, listed left to right from shortest to longest term (i.e. Q1, S1, SY).
  4. Verify the Level Table page (Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > Level Table > Mark Information panel) has the State Code Equivs entered. Use the Completion Status field to current status for a designated mark. Use the Percent Minimum/Maximum to indicate numeric grade ranges for alpha grades (i.e. 90-100 for 'A').
  5. Verify student Special Education information is entered on MD Special Education page, if applicable (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > MD Special Education).
  6. Verify student program data is accurate for EL, Migrant, and Foreign Exchange students (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Programs).
  7. If an EL student should be exempt from the ELA Assessment, verify the ELA Assessment Exempt Status field is checked on the Accommodations English Learners page (Registration > Entry & Reports > Student District Defined > Accommodations English Learners).
  8. Use the Mass Load Grades utility to mass-assign grades, if needed.

MD Student Course Grade Teacher Report Prompts



Building List

Select all or specified buildings.

Run Type

Download & Submission File – Download to md_scgt_down & create the CSV file

Download Only – Download to md_scgt_down

Submission File Only – Create the CSV file.

Summer School Year

Enter the prior school year to include all courses taken during the summer.
For example, if running download for 2017 school year, enter 2016 for Summer School Year.

As Of Date

Select the date for data to include. Any data after the As Of Date will not be included in the download or submission file.

Submission Date

Select the submission date for the SCGT report.

Submission Number

Choose a number for the submission (1-999).

Clear Overridden Records

Clicked if you want to erase all records that were entered manually.

Print Submission Headers

Clicked if you want to include header columns on the CSV file.

Task Name

Enter a custom task name.

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