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Update Student District Defined Information

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This utility is used to update a district-defined page with the Teacher Name value for students so that when you create the Pre-ID and Physical Fitness Pre-ID files the system can quickly get the Teacher Name.
First, you will need a district-defined page to hold the teacher name. In our example, we created a page called Pre-Id Information and added two fields to it: Delivery Name and Physical Fitness Teacher Name.

Now that you have a district-defined page to store the data, you can run the Update Student District-Defined Information Utility.

EDS Physical Fitness Test Pre-ID 

Delivery Name Pre-ID Example

Alternatively, if you were updating the Delivery Name field on the Pre-ID Information page (or whatever your district has called the page) and you are administering the test during second period to all active 10th graders in Marking Period 1, your page might look like this: 

 If your ultimate goal is to create a pre-id file for all students who are taking course number 021495 in marking period 2 (and your marking period 2 = M2), your filter should look like this: 

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