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Running the Update Student District-Defined Field Utility for Physical Fitness Pre-ID for EvaluMetrics

State Center>California>Utilities>Update Student District-Defined Field
In the Evalumetrics Pre-ID file, we need to send the Teacher's Name in separate fields for Last Name, First Name and Middle Initial—to get this information we need to put the Staff ID on the District-Defined page (see the Physical Fitness Pre-ID Field for Evalumetrics section for information on setting up this page). In this example, we have created a Student District-Defined page called Pre-ID Information to store the Staff ID for the student's physical fitness class. We are filtering to update all active Grade 9 students who have a course with a department of 08, or Physical Education that meets in Marking Period 3. You could also use the CBEDS Subject Area from CA Course page (Area = CA Course, Field Name = CBEDS Subject Area, condition = is in, Value = list of all pertinent CBEDS subject areas).

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