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State ID Upload for ELA Information

You can also use the State ID Upload's SSID Interface ID to load CALPADS ELA information for students who already have an SSID. The State ID Upload will load this ELA data from your CALPADS SSID.txt file regardless of whether the student has a State Reporting ID. The loaded CALPADS data shows on the student's CA Demographics page.

For a student with CALPADS data saved on CA Demographics, the CALPADS Extract performs data validation when you create the English Language Acquisition file. The Extract confirms the student's eSchoolPlus ELA information matches the CALPADS values, as shown on the CA Demographics page. If any ELA field conflicts, the Extract logs a warning.

This applies to the following fields for the ELA file: English Language Acquisition Status Code, English Language Acquisition Status Start Date, and Primary Language Code. Refer to the English Language Acquisition file layout for more about the field validation.

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