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State ID Request Files and Uploads

This section will explain how to create a file of students without State Ids (SSIDs) to send to CALPADS and how to upload the file from CALPADS that has the SSIDs in it so that the student records in eSchoolPlus are updated.

Note that you can also use the State ID Upload option to update the CA Demographics student page with ELA values returned from a CALPADS SSID file. You can do this for any student, even if that student has an SSID. The Upload does this for every student in the SSID file you get from CALPADS.

Step 1 - Create SSID Enrollment File of Students Without State IDs

  1. Regulatory > CALPADS > Download/Upload > Create CALPADS Extract/State Files
  2. Enter information in the prompts on the page as below: 
    • Select for Downloads for: Student
    • School Year: Current school year
    • Data Submission: SSID
    • Census Date: Today's Date
    • Update Existing Records: Checked
    • Extract: Checked
    • State Files: Checked
    • Download Prompts
    • SSID Enrollment: Checked
    • Filter: Personal, State Report Id, is blank

This will produce a file where all SSID's are blank and have an entry withdrawal record for the prompted school year. It includes Active and Inactive students. If you need a different set of students, you will need to add additional lines in the filter.

Step 2 - Submit Files to CALPADS

Now you are ready to send the file to the State. Upload the output file CA_SSID_Enrollment_(timestamp).txt created from Step 1 to CALPADS. The file will be found in Tasks/Reports.

Step 3 - Get SSIDs for Students

Determine the SSID's for the students through CALPADS. If you have questions about how to do this, contact the CALPADS Help Desk. 

Step 4 - Upload File with SSIDs into eSchoolPlus

After you have gotten the SSID return file from CALPADS, complete the following steps.

  1. Rename the SSID's return file. For the State ID Upload, the name of the file needs to be SSID.txt
  2. Run the State ID Upload

Go to Regulatory > CALPADS > Download/Upload > State ID Upload
Interface ID: SSID - CALPADS SSID Upload
Replacement SSID Note: If you are uploading a Replacement SSID file, select the RSSID – CALPADS Replacement SSID Upload Interface ID.

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