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Entry Withdrawal Page

Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Entry/Withdrawal

If you want to report a student to CALPADS with a non-Primary Enrollment Status code, update the calendar. You will need to make sure that the CA Institution page (Administration > Registration Setup > Building District Defined) has the appropriate calendars linked to the non-primary enrollment types.

NOTE: Please do not use weekend dates as entry or withdrawal dates—this will cause problems when running California Attendance Reports.

Updating eSchoolPLUS to Fix CALPADS CCEs

If a student takes courses at another school either after the end of the school year (summer school) or during a session break and returns to the same building in your District, you will need to update the student's Entry/Withdrawal information. The procedure is slightly different depending on the scenario.

Updating End of Year CCEs

When you are notified of a CALPADS CCE that is a result of a student taking classes after the end of your school year (over summer vacation), you should update the Withdrawal Code on the student's last Entry/Withdrawal vector for that school year to the code that indicates CALPADS CCE at your District.

Updating Between Sessions CCEs

When you are notified of a CCE from CALPADS that was caused by a student attending classes in another district during a session break, you should follow this procedure.

  1. Withdraw the student starting on the first day of your break. Use the Withdrawal Code that your district has set up for CALPADS CCEs (see the Withdrawals Setup Note in the Registration Setup section for more information).
  2. Add a new Entry record for the student that starts the first day after break is over.
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