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CA Recovery Report

Regulatory > Reports > Reports > CA Recovery Report
Use this report for Continuation School students who can bank extra hours backwards. This report shows the adjustment of hours and the adjusted ADA values for students.

Prompt Field

Description/Suggestions for Use

Building List

You may print the report for one building, several buildings or all buildings.

View Type

Select the Attendance View type that you want the system to use to find Attendance data for students. If you are printing the report for multiple buildings, all buildings must have an Attendance View with that code set up. If a selected building does not have the selected View Type, it will NOT be included in the report.


You can print the report for a particular Attendance Interval or a range of dates.

Validation Calendar

Select the Calendar that you want to use to determine Membership Days.

Maximum Minutes Per Day

Enter the maximum number of minutes allowed for one day.

Log Statistics

Checked if you want to print a log report that shows you what prompt information you entered. If this box is unchecked, a log file will only print if an error is encountered.

Save Report Data For Attendance Software

Checked if you want to save the Year to Date calculated ADA to use it for calculating the Continuation Education (A-6) value when running the CA Attendance Software Report.

The report is grouped by the building, then student ID.
The detail portion of the report contains the total hours accumulated from attendance, the excess hours for the week, the adjustments made for each week, the total adjusted hours, and the end result after adjustments for the student. In the building report header, the number of holidays in a week is shown.

The summary page is by building. It includes the month number, the number of days in session, the excess hours, the excess days and the recoverable ADA for the month. This is totaled for a 10 month period for the building.

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