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Team Teaching Data

Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Staff > District-Defined panel > TEAM TEACHER DATA 

This page can be used for two purposes. First, it can be used for Kindergarten teachers who teach both AM and PM classes and need to have two different staff ids for viewing class lists. In this situation, you only want to send one record for the staff member to CEDARS.
The second purpose is for team teaching situations. In this scenario, you need to send a Staff record to CEDARS for all members of the team, but in the Staff Schedule you only send the primary staff member.

Using the Team Teaching Page for Kindergarten Teachers

In the example above, Ms. Acevedo has two staff ids, one for her AM class and one for her PM class. Staff ID 20649 is the one that she uses for the AM class and Staff ID 1234 is the one that she uses for the PM class. When you create the CEDARS Staff file, the system will only pull information for staff ID 20649.

Using the Team Teaching Page for Team Teaching

To send correct data to CEDARS for team teachers, you will need to do the following setup.

  1. Set up individual staff records: each member of the team should have his/her own record in Staff Information.
  2. Create Team Teaching staff member: create a staff record for the team. If this staff member is in a non-scheduled building, then you need to make sure that the team staff record has the primary homeroom assigned (for team teaching in buildings that schedule, you do not need to update the Primary Homeroom field on the Team Teaching Staff record).
  3. Update the Team Teacher Data district-defined page to have the individual staff members associated with the team teaching staff record.

When you create the CEDARS Staff and Staff Schedule records, you will get two individual Staff records and one Staff Schedule record for the course that they teach together. This Staff Schedule record will have the Staff ID that is listed first on the Team Teacher Data page.

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