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Registration Validation Tables

These validation tables can be found by going to Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables > select Registration
If the table is listed below, there are specific State required codes that must be used. In eSchoolPLUS, these State required codes should be in the State Equiv Code field. Please see the most recent CEDARS Manual for the correct values.

eSchoolPLUS Table

CEDARS Field/Code Set


This is used for the P-223 Enrollment Form.


National Origin Country Codes


Disability Code


Grade Level Code

Hispanic Ethnicities

Ethnicity Code


Language Codes

Meal Status

Free/Reduced-Price Meal Eligibility Status


Race Code


School Withdrawal Codes


The CEDARS School Student (C) file's Confirmed Transfer In field populates based on a student's Entry Code mapping to a State Code Equiv of 1, 2, or 3 in the Entries validation table. Make sure you have the following local codes defined in this table with the State Code Equiv values indicated:

Entry Code Description

State Code Equiv

Transfer in from outside of Washington state


Transfer in from private-school in Washington state


Transfer in from home-school in Washington state


Program Entry Reason

CEDARS does not have a code set for Qualification Code for programs, but will accept a free-form reason. Since eSchoolPLUS allows you to enter an Entry Reason for Programs, you should enter any Qualification Codes that you would like to send to CEDARS into the Program Entry Reason code. When you create a Student Program file, the system will get the Description from the Program Entry Reason validation table.

Program Withdrawal Reason

The values in this validation table will be populated by PowerSchool. Each type of program file in CEDARS (Student Programs, Student Special Education Programs, and English Learners) has a different set of exit reasons. eSchoolPLUS has one validation table for all program exit reasons. How best to work with the Withdrawal Reasons is illustrated in the Program/Date Tracked Items section of this manual. 

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