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Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Registration 

The following fields are used in CEDARS submissions and for FTE Reporting.



Native Language

Enter the student's first language, if it differs from the language spoken at home (Home Language). During the CEDARS file creation, the system will use the value in the Native Language field if it is populated. If there is no value in this field, then the system will use the Home Language value.

District of Residence

If the student lives in a district other than yours, update this field to have the correct district. A value other than your district here will cause an Interdistrict Monthly FTE Report to print to count the student properly. The data in this field will also be used in the CEDARS District Student file.

Alternate District

If the student receives most of their services from another district, click the hyperlink to enter that district as well as the start date.

District  Enrollment Date

 This field serves as the second option when eSchoolPLUS determines a student's district entry date. The system first tries to find an Entry Code mapping to one of the District Entry Codes defined in the WA District page (Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > WA District). If no Entry Code meets this criteria, use the Registration page District Enrollment Date.

This date is used in the District Student (B) file.

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