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Opting Out of High School Credit > Mark Reporting Detail

Mark Reporting > Transcript Summary > click appropriate Course Description

If necessary, you can set up a student so a specific course does not count toward CEDARS reporting. This is called opting-out of counting the course's credits. To mark a student's course record as an opt-out course, select the appropriate high school building type in the Mark Reporting Detail page's Exclude Building Types field. This same building type needs to be associated with the course-section in the Master Schedule, which you will see indicated in the Mark Reporting Detail page's Master Schedule Building Types field.

  • When applied to a student course record, the opt-out designation excludes the course from Print Transcripts, Graduation Requirements Calculation, and the following CEDARS files: Student Grade History (H), Student Schedule (E), and Non-Traditional Student Credit Attempt (T). It also excludes the course from credit totals in the District Student (B) file.
  • On the Mark Reporting Detail page, a student course can have either the opt-out designation (Exclude Building Types field) or the opt-in designation (Additional Building Types field). You would never select a building type value for both fields on the same student course.
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