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Non-Scheduled Course Entry for Non-Traditional Student Credit Attempt (T) file

The CEDARS Non-Traditional Student Credit Attempt (T) file includes student course information for any courses without a corresponding Course Catalog (D) or Student Schedule (E) record. In terms of eSchoolPlus, this equates to any course that is on a student's transcript but where the student did not have a scheduled course record. The following records fit this description:

  • Transfer course records. For details on how to add a transfer building and transfer courses for a student, refer to the base eSchoolPlus online help, Transfer Course Page.
  • Student Mark Reporting course records without a corresponding Student Scheduling course record. This occurs if you add a student's grade information for a course-section through the Report Card by Course option without actually scheduling the student in the course-section.

Non-Scheduled Course Entry

If you need to enter marks for a student in an unscheduled course-section:

  1. In the Quick Search, enter Report Card by Course.
  2. In the Selections panel, choose the Building, Course-Section, and RC Run.
  3. Click Load Records to list the course-section's students in the Students panel.
  4. Scroll to the last row in the Students panel.
  5. Select the student you want to add to the course-section.
  6. Enter the student's report card information.
  7. Click Save. You will now be able to update the student's Mark Reporting course record when you view the student using Transcript Summary.
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