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July 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.7.0.0



Release Note

ESP-87006WA Initial Evaluation and Eligibility and Create CEDARS Download/Extract

Updated the business logic for the element U12 - Reason for Late Transition from Part C in the Initial Evaluation and Eligibility Timelines File (U).

Excluded the data range check for the Reason for IEP Developed After Third Birthday for students in which the IEP was developed on the student’s third birthday and fifth birthday.

ESP-86907Create CEDARS Download/Extract - District Student (B)

Modified the District Student (B) records to submit updated requirements for Language access:

  • Added the Family Languages data element to the District Student (B) Download and Extract.
  • The data for this field will be picked from the existing Home Language and Language of Correspondence fields on the Contacts page (menu path: select Registration from the main menu, select Entry & Reports from the sub menu, choose Student Demographic, and then select Contacts).
ESP-85227Validation Tables

Updated valid code values for the E10 - Approved Online Provider element in the Online Provider validation table.

  • 3 - BYU Independent Study
  • 7 - Imagine Edgenuity
  • 9 - (Edmentum)
  • 11 - FLVS- Global School
  • 12 - Stride Learning Solutions
  • 13 - Graduation Alliance
  • 15 - Stride Inc.
  • 16 - Market Square Education
  • 18 - Pearson Virtual Schools

De-activated the 21 - VHS Learning code.

ESP-85225State Courses

Added new state course codes and APIB codes. Updated the existing codes.

ESP-85224Validation Tables

Added the 4 - Student not enrolled in District at time of Annual IEP Meeting (only for K26 and U13 elements) code to the WA Interpreter Requested validation table.

ESP-85186Validation Tables, WA Special Education, Offender Detail, and WA Initial Evaluation and Eligibility
  • Added the WA Interpreter Requested validation table with valid values.
  • Added the Interpreter Services Requested field to the WA Special Education, WA Initial Evaluation and Eligibility, and CEDARS Offender Action pages.
  • Updated the K, R, and U download tables with a new column for Interpreter Services Requested data element.
  • Added the business rules for K26, R27, and U13 data elements which should apply from the School Year 2024.
ESP-84897Validation Tables and Create CEDARS Download/Extract
  • Added the SSD - SOUTH SUDAN code to the Countries validation table.
  • Updated the description for code E and Inactivated code L on the WA Seal of Biliteracy Assessment/Provider validation table.
  • Updated the description for code 65 on the WA Non-Public Agency validation table.
  • Added the codes 90, 91, and 92 on the WA Non-Public Agency validation table.
  • Archived the program codes 45, 70, 71, and 72 from the Student Attributes and Programs.
ESP-84839Validation Tables

Added the 99 - Non-behavior Incident value for element R08 in the Incident/Offense Code validation table.

ESP-84837Validation Tables and Create CEDARS Download/Extract
  • Deactivated the H23 data element on the Student Grade History File (H). The H23 business rules will be no longer populated from the school year 2024.
  • Deactivated the S13 and S14 data elements on the Students Restrained or Isolated File (S). The S13 and S14 business rules will be no longer populated from the school year 2024.
ESP-84835Validation Tables (WA Industry Certifications)

Added and updated the valid values for Industry Recognized Certifications (D17, E15, and H31 data elements).

  • 2 (updated)
  • 78 through 132 (added)
ESP-84834Create CEDARS Download/Extract and WA Course Information
  • Updated the following business rule for D07, H13, and T10 data elements:
    J-Tribal Language Competency Test may only be reported with a Course Designation Code of B – College Academic Distribution Requirements (CADR).
  • Added the Recruiting Washington Teachers field to the WA Course Information page.
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