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FTE Reporting Through Washington FTE Menu Options

There are three ways to enter FTE information for a student: calculate the FTE, mass update a group of students' FTE information and manually update FTE information on a student by student basis. Typically for one student you will only use one method, but for exceptions you may opt to manually override the calculated values.
Refer to the sections that follow if you use the following menu options:

  • For student FTE overrides, the following options in the Registration menu: WA FTE Override; WA ALE Override; WA FTE Open Doors; WA FTE Work Based Learning
  • For mass-updating student FTE override values, Regulatory > FTE > FTE > WA FTE District Defined Utility
  • For calculating student course FTE for a reporting period, the following options in the Regulatory > FTE menu: WA Calculate Student Course FTE and WA Calculate Student Monthly Totals
  • For producing monthly FTE reports, Regulatory > FTE > FTE > WA FTE Aggregate Reports

If you do not have these options in your menu, refer to the section FTE Reporting Through the Washington FTE-Old Menu Options for details on how to create monthly student FTE reports.

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