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Entry Withdrawal


Registration > Entry & Reports > Student Demographic > Entry/Withdrawal
On the Entry/Withdrawal Details page in the Enrollment panel, you will see a Program/Date Tracked field called Primary School. This is a value in the CEDARS School Student file. The field will default to checked or Yes. You should change it only in the case where the student's Entry/Withdrawal building is not his/her primary reporting school.

 Re-enrolling Students

The CEDARS District Student (B) file tracks the student's District Enrollment Date in field B14. As its first step in determining this field, the CEDARS download looks at the student's Entry/Withdrawal records for an Entry Code that is defined as one of the codes you use to indicate enrollment from outside your district. This includes codes for students who leave your district and return (re-enroll).
These codes are defined in the WA District page's District Entry Codes field (Administration > General Setup > District District Defined > WA District). For a student re-entering your district, use one of these Entry Codes.

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