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Test Scores Setup

Test Definition Setup

Administration > Test Scores Setup > Setup > Test Definition

Virginia Electronic Transcripts relies on Test Definition setup to determine Verified Credits for a student's courses. Set up a Test, Subtest and Scores which you can use to associate with courses on the Scheduling district-defined VA Course Information page, then record the appropriate credit values with the Test History option.
Use the following steps to set up a Test Definition to handle Verified Credits:

  1. Create a record with Test Code = VC to track verified credits.
  2. On the Subtests and Scores panel, create a Subtest code for SCR.
  3. Select the Add button in the Score Information section to create the following subtests and codes:
    • English (EN)
    • Math (MA)
    • Science (SC)
    • Social Studies (SS)
    • Total (TOTAL)
  4. Verify that a State Code Equiv is assigned to each subtest. This code will be used to verify test scores in conjunction with the Verified State Credit Code on the VA Course Information page. This will be used to assigned Verified Credits for test scores.
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