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Master Schedule Staff Date Tracking

Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule > Staff Info link for Primary and Secondary Staff

Use this page to associate dates of service, role classification, and additional qualification information with the Primary and Secondary Staff identified on the main Master Schedule Course Information page. This data is included in the Master Schedule Collection, Teacher (D) record. Also use this page to show date ranges where the primary or secondary staff member may have been replaced by someone else.

For primary staff, there must be an open row of staff information, meaning you need to have one row without an End Date assigned. In the illustration above, you see that Grady Germantown is the primary staff for the course-section, and his last row of date-tracked staff information lacks an End Date.




Select the staff ID to associate with the row of date, classification and qualification information.

Start Date

Date when the staff member started service for the Master Schedule course. If there was an interruption of service for the staff member, this could also be the date when service resumed.

End Date

Staff member's service end date for the Master Schedule course. If this is a temporary interruption of the staff member's service, then you will use another row to indicate when service resumes.


Code identifying the teacher's role for the Master Schedule section. The field is validated against the Staff Role table. Reported in the MSC-D record.

Defined Class Types

Code identifying the type of students receiving instruction from the teacher. These codes identify a category requiring some level of special education instruction or assistance. Reported in the MSC-D record.

Highly Qualified

No longer collected.

Flexibility Criteria

No longer collected.

Exclude from Fall Submission

Checked if this staff member should be excluded from the MSC Fall submission.

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