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Master Schedule Collection Download

Menu path: Select Regulatory from the main menu, Virginia from the submenu, select Download, and then select Master Schedule Collection (MSC).



Download Type

Select the types of MSC records you want to create in the download tables. Your selection determines the record types available in the Download Prompts section and the availability of filtering options:

  • All – allows you to perform the download for all record types. No filtering is available for this option.
  • Staff – lets you download the IPAL, Teacher, Provider, and Pupil Personnel record types, or your choice among them. You can filter based on staff-related data.
  • Course - lets you download the Course, Teacher, Provider, and Student record types, or your choice among them. You can filter based on course-related data.
  • Student - lets you download the Student record type. You can filter based on student-related data.

School Year

Select the school year to use as the basis for the download.

Submission Period

Select the reporting period that applies to the download, 1 for the Fall Submission or 3 for the EOY Submission. The IPAL and Pupil Personnel downloads are disabled for the EOY Submission.

Clear Records

Checked if you want to clear records from the Download table for the year, reporting period, and record types that you are running the download for. Records are cleared based on the filter criteria you enter.

Run Download

Checked if you want to populate the download tables based on your selections.

Run Error Scan

Checked if you want to generate a log file showing errors/warnings for the records selected by your criteria.

Download Prompts

Select the record types you want to process. Available record types depend on your selection in the Download Type field. IPAL and Pupil Personnel are not available for 3 – EOY Submission.

The following are the download tables affected by each selection:

  • MSC Interdisciplinary Connection (K) - va_msc_interdisciplinary_connection_down
  • MSC IPAL (B) – va_msc_ipal_down
  • MSC Course (C) – va_msc_course_down
  • MSC Teacher (D) – va_msc_teacher_down
  • MSC Provider (E) – va_msc_provider_down
  • MSC Student (F) – va_msc_student_down
  • MSC Pupil Personnel Record (G) – va_msc_admin_down
  • MSC Course Connections (I) – va_msc_connect_down
  • MSC Co-Op Counts (J) – va_msc_coop_down


As per the VDOE guidelines, data reported for students served in Division 600 schools will not be included in the reporting division’s MSC Collection, hence MSC Student (F) record will not have records of students who are served/serving in Division 600.

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