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Generate Course Staff Date-Tracking Utility

Scheduling > Utilities > Setup Mass Updates > Generate Course Staff Date-Tracking Data

This feature creates the initial staff date records for courses once a building is ready to do so. The user can choose to exclude staff members, if desired. All available course-sessions are available to be updated. The user can also choose to remove specific courses from the utility by checking the Remove box.

To run Generate Course Staff Date-Tracking

  1. Select  Scheduling > Utilities > Setup Mass Updates > Generate Course Staff Date-Tracking Data.
  2. Specify how to create records in the fields.
  3. Use the filter to define the criteria to select the courses to process. Then, click Search to display the list of applicable courses. All of these courses will be included when the utility is run. 
  4. To remove a course, select the checkbox to the left of the course name. 
  5. Once the courses have been loaded, click Generate to execute the utility.

For information on the other fields that display on this page, refer to the Staff Date Tracking Page Fields section.



Delete Existing Course Staff Date Records

If checked, the utility will delete all existing Course Staff Date records for the selected courses.

Create Course Staff Date Records

If checked, Course Staff Date records will be created for primary and secondary staff members. If Course Staff Date records already exist for a course-session, the utility will skip that course-session.

Do Not Create Records for Staff IDs

Use the selection list to exclude any staff from the utility. The list of course-sessions below will automatically refresh to include only courses that have at least one staff member not included in the list.

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