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View Truancy

Menu path: select Regulatory from the main menu, select Calculations submenu, select View Calculated PEIMS Data, and then select View Truancy.

Use this option to review the data calculated by the Truancy 10 Day CalculationThe Truancy page shows the student's truant record for the current school year. 

Truancy uses data from the InterchangeStudentAttendanceExtension TSDSPEIMS interchange for the Summer submission. The data is stored by student and school year and is used in the Truancy download and extract. When truancy data is downloaded, it includes only students that have not been marked Exclude from State Reporting on the Truancy page and have a record in the truancy table with the school year the same as the processing school year.

TEC 25.0915 (a-4) stipulates that unexcused absences should be counted for days or partial days within the six-month period. If a student fails to attend school without excuse on 10 or more days or parts of days within a six-month period in the same school year, a school district shall within 10 school days of the student's 10th absence refer the student to a truancy court for truant conduct under Section 65.003(a), Family Code. The number of unexcused absences includes absences that have accumulated at other campuses within the LEA.

If you need to correct the data, change the required attendance criteria and then run the Truancy 10 Day Calculation (menu path: select Regulatory from the main menu, select Calculations submenu, select Calculations, and then select Truancy 10 Day Calculation). This calculation populates only the Date Determined field on the Truancy page.

Excessive Absence Date Determined

Indicates the date when a student first hits the 10th absence (in any period) within a six-month period during the Truancy 10 Day Calculation.

Prevention Indicator DateIndicates the date when the truancy prevention measure is initiated.
Prevention Indicator (e1658)

Indicates the LEA initiated a truancy prevention measure under TEC 25.0915 (a-4) for the student.

Complaint Filed Indicator (e1658)
Indicates whether an attendance officer or other school official has filed a complaint against a student’s parent or legal guardian, under TEC 25.093.
Exclude from State Reporting
Selected if the student truancy record should not be included for State Reporting.
Override Truancy
Selected if the student truancy record should not be included in the truancy calculation.
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