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Use Mass Update Days to Prepare Calendars

Use the Mass Update Days utility to set instructional minutes for calendar days and update waiver information for multiple dates.

Operational Minutes calculate each day based on the instructional minutes less waiver minutes. These do not store in the database.

Mass Enter Instruction and Waiver Minutes

Mass Update Days displays a warning for each calendar for a selected date that is not in the calendar. It is recommended that you update calendars with the same start and end dates. For example, if senior calendars end a week earlier, you should update all senior calendars separately from the update of other calendars.

  1. Navigate to the Mass Update Days page.
  2. In the Dates field, select the dates to update.
  3. In the Buildings and Calendars fields, select the calendars to update.
  4. To update the instruction time, select Instruction Time and then enter the planned instructional minutes to assign to days.
  5. To update waiver information, select Waiver Minutes and Waiver Type. Then enter the waiver minutes and waiver type to apply.
  6. If you also want to update the calendar event for all selected days, select Day Type and select the appropriate day type.
  7. Click Run.
  8. Click OK.
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