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Test Score Setup

Menu path: From the Administration menu, choose General Setup, choose District District Defined, and then select TREx Assessment Configuration.

PowerSchool provides the import definitions to load test data and the following test records:

  • SPI-TAKSExit
  • SPI-EOC (STAAR End of Course)
  • SPI-EOC-CUMULATIVE (STAAR End of Course Cumulative)
  • TSIA

If your district defined test data, you may continue to report testing information based on previous test definitions. You must use the TREx Assessment Configuration option to define how test information should be reported.

PowerSchool provides the option to create a new assessment type (Test Definition) and import (Import Scores From File) the required assessment records

The TELPAS ALT (TALxx) Test Score Import Definitions are annually carried forward with the test definition and import definition updates as per the DoE requirements.

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