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Student Unique ID Processing

Unique IDs are required for all students in order to integrate data in the TSDS Education Data Warehouse.  This section gives a procedural overview of how to use eSchoolPlus utilities for extracting student data into a Unique ID request file and uploading Unique IDs into eSchoolPlus student records once received back from the TEA.

Unique ID Processing Data Flow

  1. Use the Student Unique ID Extract to create the .txt file or files containing students requiring Unique IDs from TEA. You can:
    • Run the extract for all buildings or selected buildings.
    • Produce a single file for all buildings or a separate file for each building.
    • Include all students meeting your criteria or just those lacking a Unique ID.
  2. Review the extract files. If needed, re-run Step 1 until you have the .txt files you want to submit to TEA for Unique ID procurement.
  3. Send extracted student information to TEA.
  4. When you receive Unique IDs back from TEA, save the file to your workstation with the following name: Student_Unique_ID.txt
  5. In the .txt file, remove header and footer records. This is required for the file upload in Step 6.
  6. Use the Upload File option to locate the Unique ID file and save it to your eSchoolPlus Tasks and Reports page.
    • Select Administration from the main menu, select Utilities submenu, select Download & Upload, and then select Upload File.
    • Click Browse to locate and select the file you saved in Step 4.
    • Click Upload Records to upload the file to the Tasks and Reports page.
  7. Select Administration from the main menu, select Utilities submenu, select Download & Upload, and then select Run Upload to upload Unique IDs from the text file to records in eSchoolPlus.
  8. On the Run Upload page, set the fields as follows:
    • Interface ID: UNQID - select Student Unique ID Upload.
    • Run Mode: select Run upload.
    • Insert New Records: select checkbox.
    • Update Existing Records: select checkbox.
    • Import Directory: select User's Report Directory.
  9. Click Run. Students included in the file now have the Unique ID field updated on the Personal page.
  10. You can now report the students' Unique ID information in the 102 TX Unique Student ID record available for download through the Student Download option and final file extraction through the PEIMS Edit File option.

Student Unique ID Extract

Menu path: Select Regulatory from the main menu, select Extracts submenu, select Other, and then select Student Unique ID Extract.

Use this utility to create a comma-delimited text file containing information for students requiring Unique ID assignment by TEA through the Texas Student Data System (TSDS).  The text file includes the appropriate header, detail, and trailer records specified by TSDS.

When you receive Unique IDs back from the TEA, you will upload this data into your student records with the Student Unique ID Interface ID through the Run Upload option.

To create the Unique ID request file

  1. Select codes from the Building List drop-down list, or click the asterisk to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.
  2. Select the School Year.
  3. Enter a seven-digit Transmission ID to identify the sender of the file in the Header record.
  4. Select the File Type (District or Building).
  5. Select Only Include Students without Unique IDs if required. Generally, you select this checkbox to extract students who lack a Unique ID in eSchoolPlus.
  6. To further limit the students included in the extract, use the Filter panel.
  7. Use the Run panel to determine when to run the utility.
  8. Click Run.
    • If you chose the Building file type, the extract creates a .txt file for each building you indicated. The file name convention begins with the building's state equivalency code.
    • If you chose the District file type, the extract creates a .txt file with the district state equivalency code leading the file name.

Additional Information

The Student Unique ID Extract and the Assign Unique ID from TSDS process will output a value of Z for any Race code if that field value is unknown (blank) or if the student is assigned a value with a state code equivalent of Z - TEA Use Only.

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