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PEIMS Career and Technology Pages

The PEIMS Career and Technology fields record data as part of the following records:

  • 101
  • 169
  • 170
  • 410

PEIMS Career and Technology fields display on two pages:

  1. Menu path: From the Registration menu, choose Entry & Reports, choose Student District Defined, and then select District-Defined PEIMS Career and Technology. Use this page to display all PEIMS Career and Technology fields. This page includes the student's current value for program-tracked fields, not the student's value as of the current date.
  2. Menu path: From the Registration menu, choose Entry & Reports, choose Student Demographic, and then select Programs. Click 149 - PEIMS Career and Technology (Program). Use this page to review the history for all programs tracked for PEIMS Career and Technology. The Career Tech Contact Hours option calculates values for the Current CTE Indicator, Contact Hours, and Completed CTE Course fields.


Use the Programs option to maintain values for program-tracked fields so you can also update any related programs. If you click the field's link on the district-defined page, you can only access the program records for that field.

To change a student's value for a program-tracked field, enter an end date to close the existing program, then enter a start date and select the Value to open a new one.

Many fields report a value of 0 for not participating. For these programs, a student typically only needs to have a program tracking record for the date range if participating in the program.


Current CTE Indicator

Select the reason the student is enrolled in a state-approved career and technical education course. (101 Record)

When you assign the indicator, all Career and Technical Education courses are included regardless of course funding weight.

  • For submission 1, it reports as the Career Technical Indicator code.
  • For submission 3, it combines with the Completed CTE Course value to determine the Current Technical Indicator code. It reports a 1 if the student does not have a program record for this field for the second semester, but the Completed CTE Course field is selected.
Single Parent Single Pregnant Woman (e0829)

Select if the student in the career and technical education program is a single parent or a single pregnant woman. (169 Record)

Program-tracked field.

Transportation CTE Support (e0917)

Select if the economically disadvantaged student enrolled in a career and technical education course receives special transportation services to enable the student to commence or continue career and technical training. (169 Record)

Program-tracked field.

Service ID (E0724)

Select the service ID to report for a student if the student is enrolled in a career preparation course as defined by the PEIMS Data Standards. (170 Record)

If the Student Download processes a course in the student's schedule that has the CTE Career Prep field selected on the PEIMS Course page, the download uses the service ID entered for this program instead of the course's service ID.

Program-tracked field.

Contact Hours (CTHRS)

Select the number of contact hours for the student's CTE courses. The hours display in the District/Campus Summary Report.

The Career Tech/Contact Hours option calculates program records for contact hours. To change this value, select the Ovr field. For example, if a student is placed in a DAEP/JJAEP for a period of time, create a program record for the date range with zero contact hours and select Ovr.

Program-tracked field.

Out Of Workforce Individual (e1039)

Select if the student meets the criteria for Out Of Workforce Individual as defined by PEIMS Data Standards. (169 Record)

Program-tracked field.

Completed CTE Course

Select if the student completed a CTE Course at any point in the year. (101 Record)

This calculates the value for the Current CTE Indicator in the 101 record for submission 3 – Summer. If you select this field, a 1 reports even if there is no program record for the Current CTE Indicator for the end of the year. This allows you to report a 1 for a student who did not take CTE courses in the second semester, but completed CTE courses in the first semester.

The Career Tech/Contact Hours option calculates this value. If you change this value and you want to override the calculation, select the Override Completed CTE Course field.

Override Completed CTE Course

Select if the value in the Completed CTE Course field should override the Career Tech/Contact Hours calculation. The calculation does not update this field.

After you complete a submission, clear the override field if you want the Career Tech/Contact Hours option to calculate the status for the next submission.

P-TECH Indicator (e1612)

Select if the student participates in the Pathways in Technology program. Grades 9 through 12 only. (100 record)

Program-tracked field.

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