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October 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.10.0.0



Release Note

ESP-89931FitnessGram Download

The filter section of the FitnessGram Download did not include values to choose from in the dropdowns. This has been resolved.

ESP-89493TREx Export

Do not report state courses created by the Course Equivalency Calculation in the TREx Export resulted in courses getting duplicated in the extract file. This issue has been resolved.

ESP-89458Student Totals Register Report

An error was occurring when running the Student Totals Register Report with the Program ID as alphanumeric instead of numeric only and the Excluded ADA 9 student prompt was selected. This has been resolved.

ESP-89240PEIMS Student Accelerated Education Plan

Add the PEIMS Student Accelerated Education Plan user-defined page to capture and report Student Accelerated Education Plan information for Texas regulatory reporting.

ESP-89185Validation Tables (Teacher Requirements)

Updated the Teacher Requirements validation table to match the 2023-2024 values.

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