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March 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.3.0.0



Release Note

ESP-83865TSDS Child Find

Added the ECI Start Date field to the TSDS Child Find page.

ESP-83511Validation Tables (Military Connected Student)

Corrected the description (having invalid characters) for the Military Connected Student validation table c197.

ESP-83476Course/Staff/Student Download

For the Discipline (425) download, if a PEIMS Incident ID is calculated as 0, updated processing to report 99999 as 0 is invalid for submission.

ESP-83470Course/Staff/Student Download

Modified the Attendance (TX_400) download processing to retrieve the latest grade level instead of the highest grade level.

ESP-83164TREx Export

Wrapped filter conditions in parenthesis so any OR clause used is in addition to the building criteria and not instead of the building criteria.

ESP-83065TREx Export

Updated the processing to include the correct number of assessments in accordance with the TREx Assessment Configuration page when running the assessment portion of TREx.

ESP-83073Test Score Import Definition and Import Test Scores from File

Created the 2022-2023 TX STAAR ALT 2 EOC Assessments Test Score Import Definition.

ESP-82879Texas Withdrawal Form

Corrected the error resulting from large withdrawal code descriptions.

ESP-82851Test Score Import Definition

Copied the TAL22 import definition forward to the school year 2023 (TAL23).

ESP-82780TREx Enrollment

Corrected the processing of missing WithdrawalReason and GradePromoted fields for No Show students with No Show building different from the previous building.

ESP-82743Test Score Import Definition

Updated the test definition and import definition for the 2023 TELPAS test scores.

ESP-82712Career Tech/Contact Hours

Updated the Career Tech/Contact Hours calculation to no longer refer to the Summer School Entry Withdrawal records when determining the End Date.

ESP-79930TSDS Download

Added rule 10050-0004 as a pre-scan option for the Section download for the ECDS-EP submission.

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