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June 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.6.0.0



Release Note

ESP-86433Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated the Attendance (400) download for Submission 3 to ignore summer school entry/withdrawal vectors.

ESP-86425Print Transcript

Updated the Certs/Licenses to only display on the TX transcript if the result is NULL or 01.

ESP-86360TSDS Download

Updated the Child Find submission to include calendar days for students with at least one of the following conditions:

  • Date has a membership value greater than 0
  • Date has waiver minutes greater than 0
  • Date is in a calendar with state code equivalent value of 00 and cycle flag value of I
ESP-86198Print Transcript

Added the NG=Not in GPA code to the TX transcript footer text.

ESP-85978Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated the download processing to only generate Career and Tech Program (169) records if the student has records for the school year on the View Career Tech/Contact Hours page.

ESP-85927Career Tech/Contact Hours

Updated the CTE calculation to continue processing the remaining students/courses when the primary key errors are encountered.

ESP-84556TAC Attendance

Resolved the Texas attendance lockout functionality to handle districts where Attendance Periods and Scheduling Periods do not have the same codes.

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