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July 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.7.0.0



Release Note


TSDS Download

Student Absences Within Timeframe (E1711) will no longer include absences from the Summer School for the Child Find - Student Child Find Association (STUPROGRAM) download.

ESP-86900TSDS DownloadResolved the Special Education program timeout error. Updated the SQL to retrieve only students from the regular school year buildings.
ESP-87128TREx ExportUpdated the TREx Export to only populate Withdrawal Date and Withdrawal Reason if both fields have a value.
ESP-87002TREx Export

Updated the processing to report only the most recent instance of an IBC record in both the old and new exports.

ESP-86850TREx Export

Resolved the primary key errors when a student has open Entry/Withdrawal for the regular year and summer school.

ESP-86745Enrollment Verification

Updated the processing to allow you to select summer school Scheduling Periods when using the Summer School mode.

ESP-86529Attendance Contact Hours

Resolved the error with the eligible days being counted more than once if the student has multiple Parent Permission vectors.

ESP-87047TEDS ExtractIncreased time allowed to run the Discipline Incident Association extract.
ESP-85827TSDS Extract

Updated the TSDS Extract schema as per the 2024 school year definition.

ESP-85826TEDS Extract

Updated the TX PEIMS Schema for the 2023-24 school year.

ESP-85824TSDS Extract

Replaced the prior year (2022) TSDS Extract processing with the current year (2023) requirements.

ESP-85823TEDS Extract

Replaced the processing details of the prior year (2022) with the current year (2023) for the PEIMS TEDS Extract.

ESP-85737Course/Staff/Student Download, TEDS Extract, Student Download Summary, and Downloads Search 

Added the Texas First Early High School Completion Program (E1736) element to the following pages/processes for Submission 1:

  1. Course/Staff/Student Download - TX 203 Download (for Graduated Students)
  2. TEDS Extract - Student Graduation Program Extension
  3. Student Download Summary - TX_203 Download
  4. Downloads Search - TX_203 Download
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