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Guidelines to Schedule Elementary Schools

The following guidelines apply to any school where you previously did not schedule students.

  1. You must configure all buildings for Scheduling. Determine the number of periods to define the structure of the timetable, then review how the building will schedule students. Note that the timetable need not reflect class times if you select to use the model suggested in item 2.
  2. To report course information, create Master Schedule course records for unique classes of students:
    • If teaching a single course to 10 classes of students, there must be 10 sections of that course. Schedule students into appropriate sections.
    • If teaching multiple subjects or core classes to the same group of students, you can choose to create either a separate course for each subject or a single course section such as Grade 1.
  3. The Scheduling module does not allow you to save a schedule if there are conflicts with class meeting times. To avoid conflicts, create a simplified schedule where all sections of a specific course meet in the same period. For example, the core classes could meet in period 1, art classes could meet in period 2, and music class could meet in period 3:
    • The period of the course reports in the 300 record, but does not need to reflect the period of the day when the course meets.
    • Update the PEIMS Course Monthly Minutes Override (2011) field to store the minutes to be reported on the 090 record.
    • If a teacher is assigned to multiple sections that meet in the same period and day, and the sections should have separate 090, 300, and 305 records, then select PEIMS Course Force Unique Class ID (2011). If you do not select this field, one record is created for a teacher who has multiple courses that meet in the same period and day.
  4. Select Scheduling from the main menu, select Student Schedules submenu, select Student Utilities, then select Scheduled Course. Use the Load/Unload/Lock/Erase option to schedule students into appropriate sections of courses. Student movement will be reported throughout the year.
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