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ECDS Processing

The Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) collection for Kindergarten and Prekindergarten students includes the ECDS submission and collection of student assessment data.

For the assessment data, you will create an ECDS Collection template, and then enter the assessment data into the spreadsheet. When you are ready to submit the data, you will convert the file into a TEDS compliant XML format using the Converter Utility provided by TEA.

About the ECDS Collection template

The ECDS Extract creates the Excel file for the ECDS collection. The file created includes three tabs like the blank spreadsheet provided by TEA. The utility will include the student's demographic information available from eSchoolPlus.

It includes the following information:

  • Student name, unique ID, date of birth, gender, race information, grade level, and the LEP Indicator.
  • Staff name and unique ID for the staff member assigned to the student's Primary Homeroom.

Submitting the ECDS Collection

  1. Create the ECDS Collection Template file by running the ECDS Extract option.
  2. Using Excel, enter assessment data in the collection template.
  3. Follow the TEA procedures to download the Converter tool and run the tool to create the xml files and validate the files.
  4. Prepare and submit ECDS submission and complete all required steps for the submission.

To create the ECDS Collection Template file

  1. Select Regulatory from the main menu, select Extracts submenu, select Other, and then select ECDS Extract.
  2. Select the school year and buildings to include in the Excel file.
  3. In the Task/Report Name field, enter a name to uniquely identify the Excel file you are generating.
  4. If necessary, enter a filter to limit the students selected.
  5. Click Run.
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