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December 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.12.0.0



Release Note

ESP-90278Student Truancy

Updated the 10-day Truancy Calculation to accurately report Student Truancy figures to TEA. The calculation no longer includes any absences on days that are flagged as ADSY in the REG_CAL_DAYS.DAY_TYPE with a value of ADSY.

ESP-90199Course/Staff/Student Download

The PEIMS Fall Submission Staff Download Query was taking longer to run in a higher SQL version than in 2012. This has been resolved.

ESP-90070TX Attendance Verification Report

When running the Attendance Verification report and filtering on a staff member who has a course where all students are enrolled in a different course building than their Entry/Withdrawal building (with no courses in the Entry/Withdrawal building), the course was not displaying. This has been resolved.

ESP-89378TREx Export

The TREx Export was duplicating data if the student had an open summer school record. This has been resolved.

ESP-89241TREx Export

Added the Accelerated Instruction elements to the Student Demographic and Academic Status TREx download and extract.

ESP-89356FitnessGram Download and FitnessGram Extract

Updated the FitnessGram download and extract to match the 2023-2024 FitnessGram requirements:

  • Renamed the existing column header SexAssignedAtBirth to StudentGender.
  • Replaced the multiple Race Ethnicity fields with a single StudentEthnicityCode field.
  • Removed the HispanicorLatinoEthnicity, AmericanIndianorAlaskaNative, Asian, BlackorAfricanAmerican, NativeHawaiianorOtherPacificIslander, and White columns.
  • Moved the existing Student SSO ID column to column N.
  • Moved the existing StudentPrintBodyComp column to column O.
  • Moved the existing TeacherIsActive column to AH.
ESP-89183Course/Staff/Student Download (Student/203 Leaver Record) and Validation Tables (Graduation Types (C062) and Diploma Types)

Added code 40 - Texas First Early High School Completion Program to the Diploma Type and TX C062 Validation Tables.

Added logic in the Course/Staff/Student Download for Student/203 Leaver Records:

  • TX-FHSPParticiapnt will have a value of 0 if the new Graduation Type Code is 40 indicating the student is a Texas First Early High School Graduate.

  • TX-FHSPDistingLevelAchieveIndicator will have a value of 2 if a Distinguished Level of Achievement was earned and Graduation Type Code is 40 (in addition to the existing codes that it was set for).

  • All FHSP Endorsements will be set to 0 in the download table if the student has the Graduation Type Code of 40 indicating the student is a Texas First Early High School Graduate.

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