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Charter School Waitlist

Building Entry

Menu Path: From the Administration menu, choose Registration Setup, choose Building District Defined, and then select Charter School Waitlist.

Complete the following fields to report a charter school building as part of the Charter School Waitlist submission for TSDS. If you do not complete these fields, the building is excluded from the submission.

# of Charter Students Enrolled (e1674)Enter the number of students enrolled at a charter school building as of the last Friday in September.
Charter Ed Enrollment Capacity (e1675)

Enter the number of students the charter school can enroll without exceeding facility limitations and the approved maximum enrollment.

The Charter Ed Enrollment Capacity (e1675) must be greater than or equal to the Number of Charter Students Enrolled (e1674).

Charter Admission Waitlist (e1676)Select if the charter school uses a waitlist for admission.

Student Entry

  1. Navigate to the Programs page.
  2. Select the student to include in the charter school.
  3. Click 146 - PEIMS Demographics (Program).
  4. Complete the fields on the PEIMS Demographic Programs page as needed:
    • Charter Waitlist Indicator
    • Charter Waitlist Campus
    • Exclude From Waitlist
    • Charter Waitlist Comment
  5. Click Save.

For the student Charter Waitlist Indicator code:

  • You cannot have any student enrollment with a matching Campus ID if the Charter Waitlist Indicator code is not selected for the building.
  • You must have at least one student enrolled with a matching Campus ID if the Charter Waitlist Indicator code is selected for the building.
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