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Build PEIMS OFSDP Records

Menu path: Regulatory > Calculations > Calculations > Build PEIMS OFSDP Records

This option will create PEIMS OFSDP maintenance records (tx_ofsdp_maint) for students who are participating in the Optional Flexible School Day Program (OFSDP). The PEIMS OFSDP maintenance record will be used by the Calculate Attendance Contact Hours option to create the attendance contact hour records for the period of time that the student participated in the program. The attendance contact hour records are then used to create the following records:

  • 500 Student - Flexible Attendance Data
  • 505 Student - Special Education Flexible Attendance
  • 510 Student - Career & Technical Education (CTE) Flexible Attendance

Accessing OFSDP Maintenance Records

To view the calculated OFSDP maintenance records, use the OFSDP Maintenance option (menu path: Regulatory > Calculations > View Calculated PEIMS Data > OFSDP Maintenance).

  • If your district chooses not to build OFSDP records based on scheduling and attendance information, you can use the PEIMS OFSDP Maintenance option to enter the minutes for dates.
  • If your district uses PEIMS OFSDP Maintenance to enter the minutes for dates, you must not run the Build PEIMS OFSDP Records option.


  • Complete the setup procedures described in the Optional Flexible School Day Program Reporting section.
  • Before calculating your PEIMS OFSDP maintenance records, you must run the Day Totals Calculation option (menu path: Attendance > All > Utilities > Day Totals Calculation) for the applicable attendance reporting periods.

To Run the Build PEIMS OFSDP Records

  1. Select the menu path: Regulatory > Calculations > Calculations > Build PEIMS OFSDP Records.
  2. On the Build PEIMS OFSDP Records page, specify how you want to process the calculation. For more information, refer to the Fields table.
  3. Click Run.
  4. Check the log file for errors.

Building List

Select the buildings for calculating your OFSDP records.

Select codes from the field's drop-down list, or click Asterisk to select all codes, then remove any that do not apply.

Task/Report Name

If you want to rename the task and report file, change the text that displays in this field. If you use the / (slash) character, _ (underscore) will be used in the task and report name.

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