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August 2023 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_23.8.0.0



Release Note

ESP-88292Student Registration and Attribution

Updated the Registration layout to match the 2023-2024 specifications.

ESP-88131PEIMS Restraints

Added the Exclude from PEIMS option to the PEIMS Restraints page.

ESP-87807TSDS Download

Updated the processing to download Student School Association records for students that have no show Entry/Withdrawal records.

ESP-87297TSDS Download

Added new user-defined fields:

  • Child Care Operator number on the PEIMS Course page
  • Child Care Operator number on the PEIMS Building page
  • Program Evaluation Type on the TSDS PEIMS Setup district user-defined page

LEA Processing changes:

  • Extract will no longer include Child Care Facilities
  • Download and Extract will include Program Evaluation Type

Section Processing changes:

  • Download and Extract will no longer include the Program Evaluation Type
  • Download and Extract will now process Child Care Operational Number

Download Search changes:

  • LEA will display Program Evaluation Type
  • Section will display Child Care Facility

District Download Summary will include Program Evaluation Type on the LEA.

Course Download Summary will include Child Care Operational Number on the Section.

ESP-86846Course/Staff/Student Download

Added the State Code Equiv column to the Restraint Reasons validation table and the TX_435 download will now convert local code to State Code Equivalent value.

ESP-86816Validation Tables

Updated the Language Assessment Tool (DC162) validation table for 2023-2024.

ESP-86534Texas State Reporting

Updated the following validation tables to match state requirements:

  • Population Served (txtb_C030)
  • Student Attribution Code (txtb_C161)
  • Restraint Staff Type Code (txtb_c194)
  • PK School Type (txtb_dc152)
  • Industry Certification Licensure Code (txtb_c214)
  • Vendor Codes - (txtb_dc226)
ESP-86528TSDS Child Find

Changed Parent Consent Date to Consent To Eval Received Date and added Original ECI Services Date on the TSDS Child Find page. Modified the TSDS Child Find download to process the new field.

Modified the TSDS Child Find Association Extract to change the element from Parent Consent Date to Consent To Evaluation Received Date and added the Original ECI Services Date. Added the new field to the Student Download Summary and Student Download Search pages.

ESP-84259Print Transcripts

Students that have a CPR Waiver Date on the District Defined PEIMS Demographics page will have that value displayed on their transcript after the CPR INST date.

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